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Gardener on the Ile d'Oléron

Gardener Jardins d'Oléron

Our team is English friendly and we are very happy to look after the gardens of our foreign owners.

Our services for your garden and house:

Mawing the lawn: we provide you with a personalized service to look after your garden and check that your grass looks green, healthy and has the height you wish.

Felling of trees and removal of plan materials: you have a large pine tree with big roots in your garden? We can cut it down for you if you wish.

Pruning: you have large bushes? We can cut it regularly for you so that your garden looks nice all year long. We are the gardener on the Ile d'Oléoron you are looking for! And we are sympathetic even if our English is not perfect!

Regular check of your garden and house: you need someone on the ground to look after your garden and / or house? We can check it for you regulardly and send you monthly report by email. Our intendance and concierge service can be customized.

Gardener Ile d'Oléron

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